Plus thoughts on the always decontextualized Monique Wittig.
Letter from Paris where life is nothing but champagne and Gitanes. 
On bees, the vagueries of a vague identity, plus Montaigne. And #Cuba.
The return of Covid, the Euro 2020 finals, Cuba, and re-reading Susan Sontag.
Good news for a change, plus art! And stuff to read.
Paris Pride 2021 edition, the dykiest ever! With photos! What a difference from the first time I went circa 2005 when I thought I’d never seen anything…
A somewhat chill edition, with bicycling thoughts. Plus photos.
The beginning of our strange post-Covid lives. Plus the continuation of my Gen X thoughts on identity, language and the LGBTQ+ movement.
All pronouns all the time. Plus photos.
Notes from Paris, delightful photos, plus big thoughts. Like why Judith Butler isn't entirely to blame for the profound changes in identity politics.
The Bogus Idea of Progress, Selling Out the Avengers, and More, Much More
All lezzie all the time. The semi-chill edition. With a cover reveal for the new re-release of the Lesbian Avenger Handbook! Coming soon.